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2017 Summer Tap Intensive

August 7-11, 2017

IMG 20150811 193858 1Tapology offers one week of concentrated training for serious students of tap dance who commit to the entire training schedule.  Intensive workshops for Advanced, Intermediate & Beginner.  Workshops run from 9 am - 6pm, Monday thru Friday.  Shoes available for beginners.  Lunch provided through a partnership with GCard.

Out of town students may reserve space at local dormitory (details after sign-up).

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2017 Visiting School Days

Thursday, October 26, & Friday, October 27, 2017

Location: Flint Cultural Center

Each Fall, Tapology kicks off Festival Weekend with excitement! Giving Flint's youth an education in the Science of Dance and the Art of Rhythm.

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Tapology's Tap Dance Competition

Tap Dance Competition for Cash Prizes!

Saturday, October 28th, 2017 at 8:30 p.m

Tapology's dance competition.  2 - $500 Awards!

kids on stage  

Students waiting for awards at Tapology Tap Dance Competition.

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girls dance team with trophies

Festival Registration

The Tapology Festival offers a jam packed schedule of tap dance activities over a three day weekend. This dance festival is distinctive in that it offers events for Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced and Senior students.

The tap dancers weekend begins with workshops on Friday evening, honors Living Legend Kevin Ramsey at Saturday afternoon’s Honoree Luncheon, hosts the Tap Competition with $1000 in prizes on Saturday night and the Tapology Concert on Sunday evening at 7 PM. Rules for the Tap Competition can be found here. To register for Festival, click here.

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Tapology Dance

Tapology Tap Dance Festival is quality tap dance workshops, historical education and concert performances since the first Tapology festival in 2001. Based in Flint, Michigan, Tapology has become known nationwide as the tap dance instruction event where everyone is welcome – from beginners to seniors, and everyone in between. Open to ages 5 - 80.  

Guest Instructors teach on all tap dance skill levels, giving every dance festival or dance class participant an even chance at professional development. Employing an even mix of dance legends and contemporary rising stars, the Tapology festival provides excellent training and inspiration for those who love to dance and to tap, in particular.

Tapology also hosts various percussive dance styles including Hip Hop, African Dance and more...

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Providing a week of classes for students in Flint this summer will make you feel GOOD!  

2017 Living Legends

Ronnie Lonnie McFadden Tapology2017 Honorees

“The McFadden Brothers” are world-class entertainers whose career spans across many countries and venues. Their unique style and abilities have earned them the label as being a “triple threat,” in that they are both accomplished singers, tap dancers and musicians. Their show encompasses their own unique style of entertainment that only real-life brothers can. Their dancing style has that silken touch. Exhibiting a wide range of steps from soft-shoe to street-corner moonwalking. Their voices complement each other, making their singing style very smooth and enjoyable. Topped off by their effortless-looking, but extremely difficult instrument playing. They have the ability many long for but few obtain.

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Tapology Scholars

Here at Tapology, we know the power of dance: The power to move, to transform and to help our youths be the best they can be. It is our hope to extend that opportunity to as many dancers as we can.

The Tapology Tap Festival offers scholarship opportunities to help young dancers attend Tapology. Scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. The deadline of consideration for a 2016 Festival Scholarship is September 15,  2016. Click here for a scholarship application