I'm Mikaela Evans




Miki is a Detroit native, raised in the performance community obtaining skills in competitive dance, dramatic arts, and classical music. She first received Dance Performance training at Artistry In Motion Dance Studio where she found her love for Tap with Alfred Bruce Bradley and Robert L Reed. Miki is a graduate of Detroit School of Fine and performing Arts where she continued her dance studies and began student teaching/choreography for productions such as 42nd Street and Dream Girls. She participated in foreign exchange in France, Denmark, and Germany to further educate herself in other forms of music and cultural application. Miki was also a Flintstone Hoofer before graduating high school. Miki’s choreography and Stage Performances include work with The Negro Ensemble Company In New York City, The Greenroom Players production of Bubblin Brown Sugar and Black Girl, Black Matter with Destination Forever, Mikaela is a mother, teacher, artist, and community activist now permanently based in Metro Detroit.