I'm Bril Barrett

Tapology's 2020 Living Legend Honoree



BRIL BARRETT is a dedicated tap dancer, whose mission is to preserve and promote tap dance as a percussive art form, foster respect and admiration for the history and culture of tap, and continuously create opportunities for the art form and its practitioners. Bril Barrett has started many outreach programs in Chicago’s public schools, Park districts and even a performing arts high school in Gary, Indiana. He ran an After School Matters Youth Tap Program for more than 10 years and has provided after school and summer jobs for more than 300 youth from underserved communities. As a Taptivist, Bril has spent many years creating an alternative to the school to prison pipeline that exists for many black and brown youth. A child can go from novice to professional without ever leaving our head-quarters in Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood. “I am most proud of our Novice to Professional Pipeline!” says Bril. He was named A Chicagoan of the Year and has his very own Ted Talk. Respect The Dance!