I'm Kandee Hogan




Kandee Hogan hails from Flint, MI where she began studying tap dance under Alfred Bruce Bradley as one of the Original Flintstone Hoofers (now Tapology Youth Ensemble) An Engineer, Kandee knows first hand how math concepts are strengthened by a strong understanding of music. She is an advocate for tap dance in the Dayton, Ohio area, and organizes annual tap workshops featuring and collaborating with the legendary Dianne Walker. She continues to spread her love of tap dance through teaching, choreography, and collaboration. She has instructed at the Ohio Dance Festival, adjunct at Wright State, and currently Dayton Dance Conservatory. Kandee’s passion for the enrichment and success of youth propelled her to direct the Dayton Tap Project, where she educated several under-served children in the art of tap dance. The event culminated with a joint tap dance showcase which was quoted as being “an unbelievably entertaining and heartfelt evening.”