I'm Jason Janas




“My classes are fun. My classes are hard work. My classes make sense. I give the same warm-up I give myself every morning. I practice what I preach. I then like to use an idea and turn it into a sentence, and then come up with an exercise from that one original idea. I like to challenge the dancers both physically and mentally. Tap class is fun, its hard work, but its hard work together. I look forward to seeing you in class!”

 Jason Janas is originally from New Jersey. He began his tap dance instruction under Ms. Deborah Mitchell and was the first charter member of the New Jersey Tap Ensemble. He then found a love for the dance and continued to learn and study the art form. He also trained and was a member of the North Carolina Youth Tap Ensemble under the direction of Gene Medler. Jason loves to tap dance. He loves to learn from other dancers and about those tappers who came before him. Tap dance does a body good.