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Tapology Festival for Youth 

Tapology Dance Festival for Youth serves more than 1,000 young people each year.  The program has become a remarkable beacon in our community, impacting lives and futures through the beauty of art and a child’s love of dance.

Tapology has become one of the most important sites for art education, through tap dancing, in our nation; attracting some of the greatest performers in the world.

Tapology offers programing during the summer months, in before and after school programs, in special projects, and through Tapology’s Youth Ensemble.  These programs aggressively support activity for youth who are economically challenged, and have limited availability to arts programming.

Art, vigorous physical activity and preservation of the history of tap as an American dance form, with emphasis on African American influence, and the impact of Jazz on an exciting performance style, combine to create a dynamic learning experience.

Participation in the program supports a student’s critical thinking skills and mathematical logic, giving them skills that will allow them to succeed in life and fulfill their dreams.    

We Need You

Your donation allows us to provide:

  • Tap dance instruction to disadvantaged students through our outreach programs.
  • Tap shoes for deserving students.
  • Free performances at assisted living facilities for senior citizens.
  • Intensive training for students wishing to excel to artistic excellence.
  • Support to our Visiting Schools Day program serving more than 700 youth from public and charter schools annually.

The Impact

  • Your support will help provide free, quality tap dance instruction to students lacking the financial and parental support to participate in the traditional dance studio culture.  Programs such as this have proven to be a deterrent to crime, drug abuse and teen pregnancy; while exposing the student to creative learning processes that positively affect traditional learning.
  • As young dancers grow and develop, rigorous training requires an advanced shoe that supports and protects their feet. Many students, due to lack of funds, wear shoes that are too small, or badly in need of repair.  Your support will help eliminate  pain and embarrassment for students who can earn a high quality tap shoe through hard work and dedication.  Your donation will also help fund the Tapology shoe bank which provides  good basic tap shoes for beginning students participating in our after school and outreach programs.
  • Performances at assisted living facilities are met by tears of joy, smiles and thank you’s from severely under served Seniors confined in assisted living facilities.  A little happiness for many who are at the last station of their lives.
  • Summer Tap Intensive and artist residency programs allow students to gain advanced training beyond the studio from working professionals for a full week of hard, dedicated work.
  • Our Visiting School program, which serves more than 700 youth each Fall, exposes  students to the art and a brief history of tap while encouraging them to participate in more expansive program opportunities provided by Tapology.

Your Donation

Satisfies a small portion of the need in you to be the change needed to create a better future; the change our youth need to help them develop and pursue their dreams of becoming successful, contributing members of society.   Your donation helps to directly impact the lives of young people, today!

The Challenge

  • Tapology’s concept is tried, it works to produce young people who are determined and active.  Those who are less likely to be thrown off course by negative influences.  Because of it’s successful model, the program is in demand and we need your help to meet that demand.  More teachers, more shoes, development of more programs, more space to teach, more time to spend with students…
  • Your donation of as little as $25 can help us do the work on the ground, helping the youth who need our attention now!   In fact, your donation up to $1,000 will be matched dollar for dollar through the generosity of the Ruth Mott Foundation.  Please help by making your donation now.

Other Ways You Can Help

  • If you are unable to make a monetary contribution but are willing to help, please send this link to those individuals you know who support the arts and want to make a difference in the lives  of young people.  LIKE our campaign on Facebook.  Mention it on Twitter.
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