Alfred Bruce Bradley

brucebradleydancingBradley’s innovative vision for building strong, productive young people through the mastery of difficult tasks that challenge the individual to become their personal best, has helped Tapology become an important thread in the local arts tapestry reaching both gifted and underserved youth in the community.

Alfred Bruce Bradley, performing artist, educator, Flint native and father of four, resides in the area with his wife Sherry. Bradley is the founder of Tapology Tap Dance Festival for Youth, The Tapology Youth Ensemble and Co-Founder of Creative Expressions Dance Studio. Mr. Bruce sits on several art organizations Board of Directors in the city, taking an active roll in developing arts and opportunities for all youth in the community. 

Upon returning to the Flint area after college, Bradley became actively involved with McCree Theatre as a performing artist. As a result of his work through the theater, he was given the opportunity to work professionally in the hit Off-Broadway musical “One Mo Time” in the lead role as Papa Du, which resulted in an extended run at The Village Gate in Toronto. It was there Bradley became interested in tap dancing and began taking lessons.

Other notable performance experiences include the Off-Broadway musical “Staggerlee” and “A Raisin in the Sun”. He joined the world tour of the Broadway hit musical “Black and Blue” where he teamed with his mentor and teacher, the late great Lloyd Storey, from Detroit, Michigan. He has also performed “David Danced for the Lord” from Ellington’s “Sacred Works” with the Duke Ellington Orchestra at the Cleveland Tri City Jazz Festival. He can be seen each Christmas as Heir Drosselmeyer for the FIM production of “Nutcracker”. 

Bradley says that tap dancing is not just for experts. “Tap dancing is rhythm, and rhythm is part of life,” Bradley said. “...Rhythm is universal: no matter your color, your religion, or your culture. ... That’s why a tap dancer can cut through all cultural and racial boundaries.”