Yukiko "Smilie" Misumi

YukikobioYukiko Misumi tap dances like a fairy. She is a leader in the Japanese tap community and promotes international cultural exchange through tap dancing.

She studied in NY under the great tap master Henry Le Tang in the 1980's. He named her "Smilie". During the late 1980's Yukiko studied rhythm tap under Brenda Buffalino. She is also influenced by the styles and teaching of Dianne Walker and Dr. Jimmy Slyde.

In Japan, she was a soloist for the Jam Tap Dance Company (Kuniyasu Kato /Founder and artistic director) where she was a dance captain, choreographer and assistant to the stage director. In 1993, 1996, 2004 and 2006, she co-starred with Dr. Jimmy Slyde at that company's performance.

In 1999, she started "African Rhythm Tap Series"; and performed at November Eleventh which is a live-bistro owned by Ryudo Uzaki and Yoko Agi, Sweet Basil 139, American Club, Theater Apple and more.

In 2000, she made her first appearance at NATIONAL TAP DAY in Japan, performed at Tokyo Rhythm Theater, Kawasaki Tap Festival, Keep On Rhythm (osaka), Tokyo International Tap Festival, and Heiwa No Mori hoofers.

Misumi has appeared at the St. Louis Tap Festival as a representative of Japan many years since 2000, in the Chicago Tap Festival, Hawaii Tap Festival, the Barcelona Tap Festival and in the New York Tap Festival.

Yukiko taught all over Japan including: TRADTION IN TAP (NEW YORK) a workshop in HongKong, WORKSHOP in 2009; performed and taught in Taiwan Winter Tap Festival, Taipei Tap Festival, HongKong Dance Festival, and Hawaii Tap Festival in 2010.

Smilie operated Artisitic Rhythm Tap Network through Chacott dance studio. She opened her own studio named ARTN Tap Dance Studio in central Tokyo in 2001.

Tap dancer, choreographer, teacher and Director of Artistic Rhythm Tap Network.

ITA (International Tap Association) Japan Representative